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Friday, 12 August 2011


As you can see on the left, I'm also active on Twitter.

I mainly tweet about music and often tweet the music journalists I follow when they make an interesting point or ask a question.

I admit that I do get a thrill when I get a reply, and although this makes me sad, I will share my successes on this blog. Having already mentioned my tweets with the artist behind The Smiths comic book, here are a few more.

Luke Lewis (@lukelewis), Editor of NME.COM, replied to my enquiry about why he didn't like 'Climbing up the Walls', which just happens to be my current favourite track off OK Computer (my favourite album by my favourite band).

He replied simply saying 'It's just a dirge really, isn't it?' Whilst I don't agree, I enjoyed getting a response.

I was also asked by Tim Chester (@timchester), Deputy Editor of NME.COM, to reveal my guilty pleasures after mentioning a blog he had written on the subject. I did reveal one to him, but if you want to know you will have to find me on Twitter to see.

My most recent success came just this morning when Alexis Petridis (@alexispetridis) of The Guardian tweeted about the lack of new bands on the cover of NME this year. I asked why he thought that was. He replied to me saying 'I think they feel their remit's very narrow and there's not much happening in mainstream British indie-rock.'

An interesting point about the state of British music journalism when extinct bands that need no press are still taking covers away from new bands desperate for them.

I will share any other successes as and when they come.

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