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Thursday, 4 August 2011


When I was at university, doing a journalism degree, I wanted to be a music journalist.

For my dissertation, I created four editions of an eight-page music magazine. I enjoyed it a lot, interviewing several top bands and giving my two cents on gigs, releases and developments in the music industry.

My favourite element was a feature I dreamed up in which I interviewed successful music journalists - simultaneously learning more about the people who normally do the interviews and picking up tips for myself.

I got two editors of national music magazines, a critic from a national newspaper and a DJ from a national radio station - all of who were interesting, friendly, and helpful.

Since leaving university, I have put my dream career on hold due to, among other things, a realistic attitude and a dependence on money.

Two years on I thought it was about time to start writing again in my spare time, and this feature is what I will try to revive and nurture through this blog.

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