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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

This Is My Jam.

Apologies for my tardiness, January has brought to me a resolution to read rather than write and this has meant spending my time with Hemingway and Fitzgerald rather than Something for the CV.

But now it’s February, it’s time to pull my finger out.

My last blog on winter songs got some great feedback and with that in mind, I will continue to write equally short, sweet and hopefully interesting pieces.

This week I’d like to highlight a new music-based social website I’ve started using. My first interviewee on this blog, Laura Snapes (@laurasnapes) recently introduced it with a blog on NME, and if you follow me on Facebook to Twitter, you may have noticed my posts from this new service.

This Is My Jam is a website for you to namecheck the one song that you are currently loving. It’s a simple as that.

You pick a song at a time to be your Jam, which is effectively your ‘status’. Friends can listen to your song, like it and follow you so your choices appear in their feed.

The website is still in its Beta phase and you need an invite to sign up, but I think it’s great, especially for a sharer like me. You can easily post your Jams to Facebook and Twitter too if your friends are too lazy to get on the site.

As someone who frequently posts links to songs on YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify, it’s quicker and easier to manage This Is My Jam than posting links across different accounts separately, and the site finds videos and songs from these websites so I'm sharing the same source material.

You can have as many Jams as you want, I’m going for one a day as that’s easy to manage and yet enough to share the songs I’m really enjoying.

The only thing is that you can only listen to your current Jam, not your previous ones, and you can’t see a full list of your former Jams either, only your last five. I understand the only being able to play your current Jam is due to an issue with space, but just a list of all your former Jams would be great to be able to refer back to, even if you cannot listen to them. Hopefully this is something they can iron out because otherwise it’s a great and simple new site.

If you’re interested in knowing what I’m listening to, check out my This Is My Jam.

My Jam for today is Ben Howard’s Promises.

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